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Reducing paperwork and increasing instruction

SPED Advantage

A complete Special Education process management application, including forms, reporting, communication, and scheduling components to ensure your district is in compliance with federal and state regulations.

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Behavior Advantage

Guides professionals through the steps needed to complete clinically sound, legally defensible Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans.

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Developed in collaboration with Pingora Consulting, LLC., DisciplineMAP is a robust discipline case management system, that focuses on all aspects of special education (and Section 504) discipline.

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Developed in collaboration with Pingora Consulting, LLC., Section 504MAP is a comprehensive data system that includes all the necessary tools to maintain compliant district and school Section 504 processes.

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What Our Users Are Saying

"While it has been a great resource to staff and easy for them to adapt to, as we near the completion our second year using SPED Advantage, we are starting to celebrate the improvements we have made with our compliance and procedural data! This year, we celebrated two Department of Education reports that were 100% compliant! We have not had those results in previous school years and while we have focused on several areas of professional development, I believe our move to SPED Advantage attributed to those results!!!” "

Lisa W., Special Education Director

"We converted our department’s cumbersome out of date data management system over to SPED Advantage. This new SPED Advantage system drastically changed the face of the Special Education Department for the better in time savings and productivity efficiency. With the SPED Advantage program, we are now afforded consistency, accuracy, a multitude of reports available with a click of the mouse, ease of use by special education staff, and detailed student information…."

Ken N., Special Education Director

"Our district had been searching for a user friendly software program that was compatible with federal and state regulations for quite some time. Due to unsatisfactory results with a previous company, we were very cautious and spent a significant amount of time in our search for a new program. From our initial contact with representatives of Educational Advantages, we were very optimistic that this was a program that would suit our needs…. Looking back now, the ease of transition was impressive. Our staff was able to learn the program quickly with a limited amount of individualized training; even those who tend to lag behind when it comes to new technology….Customer support is clearly a top priority at Educational Advantages; the quality of staff expertise and overall responsiveness has always been excellent.."

Cindy B., Administrative Assistant Special Services Department

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